Conflict Management

Conflict Management Services

Conflict is not always negative.  Often, ideas evolve and resolution occurs while working through the “groan zone.” Prior to this session, participants complete the Thomas-Kilmann Instrument (TKI), and learn negotiation principles from an alternative dispute resolution certified facilitator.  Applying the tips and techniques from this 3.5-hour session can enable teams to enhance productively, efficiency and morale.

Main Services


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Expertise facilitating thought-provoking discussions around Social Justice, Cultural Humility, Unconscious Bias, Unconscious Bias and Targeted Selection Teams; Spirituality in Healthcare, and LGBTQI Diversity & Inclusion.


Coaching To The Human Soul

Lee coaches the human soul, to help people give birth to themselves. In each individual or group session, you will learn from a master facilitator and professional certified coach.


MBTI Master Practitioner

The diversity of psychological types is often overlooked as a key dimension of diversity.  Preferences “show up” during interactions with colleagues, family, and encounters with others in our environment.  eget vitae.


Emotional Intelligence Inventory (EQ-I 2.0)

Building your Emotional intelligence skills can help you manage yourself and improve relationships with others.  Before this session, participants can complete the EQi -2.0.